It has been 8 years since four serving military guys decided we wanted to do something more for our community. All of us from diverse backgrounds ranging from ship duty to time in Afghanistan and Iraq, and wanted to do more. We love our country and our countrymen/women. So what better way to celebrate that then through 4 wheelin.

I have had the privilege of serving our country for over 19 years, and it has gone by fast. I love the military community, mainly the people. It has taught me so much about dedication, vigilance, and most of all sacrifice. The volunteers and board members at 4 Wheel to Heal aren’t paid for their hard work. They serve the organization because they have witnessed what it is we do, what our mission truly is, and how amazing it is getting smiles from our warrior guests and their families. That is what it is all about. On top of that our guests become our family. Ask any one of them. We pride ourselves in bringing them that experience.

Those of you who have seen it know that is what we are about, our mission. However, our mission’s success rides on your continued help and support of this organization. You are the ones that have believed in us and you are the reason for a successful 8 years. It has not been easy, but we are still here. Let us continue our mission in the hopes that we can continue to change peoples lives. Thank you to all that have supported us along the way. Thank you to our heroes.

From the Head, from the Heart

-Nathan Ramos, Executive Director.