An update from J.P. on the Big Dogs Spring Fling:

“We headed up Thursday afternoon (June 7, 2012) to the Cove Camp Ground.  We had planned on 3 Warriors with us.  John, Bobby, and John Patterson were the Warriors set to come with us. John and Bobby weren’t able to make it at the last minute.  Bummer! We lightly wheeled on Friday and then John Patterson arrived Friday night just before the Mudbogs.
Jeeps lined up in a field for the Spring Fling drivers meeting. Tank Killer sitting in front
We went to the Mudbogs and this is where stuff went crazy for 4W2H!

A Retired military officer stepped up and offered a $500 donation in the name of the individual who won best in show for the night to go to 4W2H!  Shortly after that a company made up of a few EOD guys named Frag Out Armor stepped up and matched the donation!  Greg then stepped up from $500 to $600!  Not too many people attempted the mudholes but the guys from Frag Out Armor offered to let John Patterson make a run at it in their Open, Open Cherokee.  Nathan, and John Patterson climbed into the vehicle and made one of the best runs we have seen at the mudhole!  John Patterson ended up getting best in show and donated the winnings of the mudhole to 4W2H.  So before we had even started day 2 we already had a $1500 donation! Thank you Lt Col Bennett and all you guys at Frag Out Armor!!

We decided to go out wheeling and made a night run of Quarum.  I took John Patterson in my rig, the Tank Killer, and we had a solid ride down the trail.  We had to stop to fix a flat on Matts Toyota half way down but it just made for a good Big Dogs Wheeling Story!

On Saturday we set up the table at the morning drivers meeting and got the word out about 4 Wheel to Heal before we went wheeling.  Nathans Cherokee was broke, so he ended up stayed behind and worked on that for the rest of the day.  We went and rode Camp 8 in the morning with John Patterson riding shotgun.
John Owen Patterson sits in the passenger seat of the Tank Killer, with no doors.
Then we proceeded to head up to Pinnacle.  At the bottom of Pinnacle, J.P.’s rig overheated and needed some TLC to get her motivated to take the long trip to the top.  At the top we were able show John Patterson the view and take some pictures. Coming back down from Pinnacle I ran out of gas.  After an hour the guys were able to bring me some and then we diagnosed I had an ignition issue.  We called it a day and I went and set up the merchandise tent and the put the Tank Killer on the Race Ramps. That night at the bonfire we raised another $100 donation!  John Patterson also got to climb the Rock Pile in MadMatz new Rock Buggy which was pretty awesome!
Tank Killer front driver and rear passenger tires up on 2' tall Race Ramp rocks
All in all it was a great weekend!  We raised a total of around $2400. That’s a record for the books and will definitely help get more wounded veterans out on the trails with us!”

We also want to thank our volunteers Michael Meade and Eric Nault; both are active duty security forces out of Andrews Air Force Base.  They were a great help!  After a quick recovery we’ll be ready to hit up our next event at the PA All Breeds Jeep Show!