I spent the day with my family, the girls played in the garden and added their garden fairies, Liam tried crawling at 3 months, and Kel painted.  A typical day, but a day I get to spend time with them.  Time that some don’t get anymore.  Time that others gave so that I can enjoy mine.

Family is interpretive.  I have several: my kin, my friends (brothers), and 4 Wheel to Heal.

We strive to be a family with 4 Wheel to Heal, when it comes to volunteers and Warrior guests.  Part of what makes this organization special is being a part of this family.  We have had many Warrior guests state that they don’t necessarily like off-roading but they come out to be a part of the 4 Wheel to Heal family.  We take pride in trying to be a successful team, and a fun family.

Come and visit the camp site and truly see what it is to be a part of 4 Wheel to Heal.  See what our volunteers do, what our leads do.  See how the warrior guests and their families help throughout the site.  Come on a trail ride, watch how humble everyone is.  It is a sight to see and surely something incredible to be a part of.  Come and see our Family…

From the Head, from the Heart

-Nathan Ramos, Executive Director.