Off-roading is an exhilarating experience.  Combine it with hosting our Warrior Guests only makes that experience better.  Once you see this hidden landscape you’ll never turn back.  Take a ride with 4 Wheel to Heal for an unforgettable journey.


Most of us in the military are used to roughing it and riding/driving off-road style military vehicles (HMMWVs/MRAP).  This familiarity along with the comradery from the off-road community makes this experience absolutely one of a kind.

Some of the wounded veterans who have returned from combat are not the same as they were before they deployed.  Some are missing limbs, some have been shot, others have hearing or sight problems, or are experiencing post traumatic stress at extreme levels.  They have been in a hospital for long periods of time, away from friends, family and life.

4 Wheel to Heal wants to take these veterans out, once they’re healed enough to do so, and get them out into to show them the off-roading world.  We want to get their minds off the hospital, off worrying about what’s next, and get them focusing on the fact that life is just as good as it was before their injuries.  They can escape the daily grind along with the rest of us, join a family of friends (prior and currently serving) and 4 wheel until a smile fills their faces.

We were established as a group in July 7, 2011 and formalized our organization [501(c)(3)] February 6, 2012.

If you are interested in helping our cause, please contact us as We are always looking for continued support for our cause.  Check out our board members and current volunteers, talk to them and discover what you could do for these wounded heroes who have given so much to their country.