4 Wheel to Heal was at the Raise the Roof fundraiser for a 100 year old Inn in Greensboro, MD, April 14, 2012. No, it was our usual offroad event, but 4W2H believes in a strong community and if we want your support, we want to be able to support your causes as well.
And shoot, working with Truckin4Troops, we were even able to bring a few wounded vets out! It may not have been rock crawling or mud bogging, but hanging out with good people all day is a good day in our book.
Oh yeah, we were also able to spread the word about 4 Wheel to Heal. After seeing a spike in interest at our website, I’d say the day was an all around success!

John Purser puts a 4 Wheel to Heal sticker on a wounded veterans wheel chair  tire.JP gives a wrist band to a wounded veteranA volunteer points to a red 4W2H "Tread Lightly" T-shirt