I take for granted many things, but I am a man truly blessed.  I am a blessed husband, father, son, brother, friend, and American.

I still cannot grasp the big picture, as blessed as I am there are those American’s, dust on their faces, rocks in their boots, sea breeze on their cheeks, blood on their hands……Time taken away, from friends, and family, all for a simple paycheck twice a month.

I grasp those that stand on a wall, behind a fence, in a ditch, on a deck, in the sands of the heat, and the cold mountains.

Football is here, and we all love us some football.  Barbeques and brewskies, games, the ups and downs.  The National Anthem.  Yeah not going there, but I know: many that stand for those that have fallen, many that stand tall for those that returned broken/battered/bruised, many that stand firm for friends/family’s safe return, and many that stand quiet simply for the red, white and blue.  I see you brother/sister, your stance and hand crisp at your head, or softly across your heart.  I know those that bear the weight so we have the freedom to do what ever we please.

Granted.  Let’s not take for granted those that bear those colors, because we are a Nation of color, we are a Nation of strength, integrity and prowess, and WE ARE a Nation of Freedom.

Be grateful to our hard working volunteers on the scene and behind it.   Salute our Warrior Guests when you see them.  Join our cause through Offroad Therapy, so you can grasp honoring them through dirt, rock, and mud!

ramosFrom the Head, from the Heart

-Nathan Ramos, Executive Director.