Lead Volunteer – East

William Fields1

William Fields is married, has one daughter and is originally from Indiana. He is an active duty Army soldier, SFC/E-7, and has been in the military since 1991, 1991-1999 in the USMC and currently serving in the Army since 2004. His original MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was 0311 (Basic Rifleman) and 11B (Infantryman). He has deployed in support of Operation Restore Hope, Operation Eager Mace and OIF. He is currently stationed at Ft Benning, GA., where he is performing the duties as a Career Counselor/Liaison at the 11B OSUT U.S. Army Infantry School. He has had his Black 1991 YJ for 14 years! His goal is to start a 4W2H chapter on Fort Benning!